Night Guards Near You

A night guard is another type of dental appliance that’s meant to be worn at night. It prevents patients’ teeth from grinding against each other while they sleep. Usually, it only covers the top or bottom row of your smile; your dentist in SW Calgary can help you determine which is best when you visit them. To learn more about this service, feel free to reach out to your family dentist.

Night Guards in SW Calgary

What You Should Know

Sometimes referred to as splints, a night guard is frequently recommended and provided to patients looking to address bruxism. Bruxism is a condition defined by the constant grinding and clenching of your teeth and it is often an unconscious act. If your teeth aren’t protected, this can lead to worn-down teeth, enamel erosion, and headaches. Bruxism can negatively impact your jaw, too, causing soreness and damage to the joint itself. If you’re seeking relief, consider night guards near you for effective protection against bruxism.

If this is something you’re currently dealing with and looking to address, set up an appointment right away with a dental professional. They can look at your smile and let you know if night guards in SW Calgary are the best method of preservation.

Getting a Customized Night Guard

Like with sports guards, you can acquire a dental guard for nighttime use at pharmacies or visiting a dental office. The former is less expensive, and you can use it immediately; however, it will not offer adequate protection and won’t last long.

In comparison, a customized night guard will ensure your teeth are properly safeguarded against bruxism and other internal forces that can cause injury.

Acquiring a custom guard is a simple process. Your dentist will speak to you about your needs and bedtime habits, evaluate your smile with x-rays, and take molds of your teeth. This information helps the lab technicians design an appliance that fits you exactly so there’s no chance of slippage.

It takes around 2-3 weeks for your night guard to be made. Before you leave the clinic, your dentist will ensure you’re satisfied with the results.

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