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A dental filling is a common solution for repairing smiles that cavities have damaged. All dentists are qualified to perform this service, and once they’re finished, you’ll be able to get back to your daily routine of enjoying your go-to meals and snacks.

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Dental Fillings in SW Calgary

Cavities: What are They?

Sugars and starches can build-up on your teeth and erode the enamel and structure if it isn’t removed with brushing. The holes that are made because of this are known as cavities. Patients frequently visit the dentist to have this problem fixed. Tooth sensitivity and sharp pain are two symptoms that can arise while a cavity is left untreated; in more severe cases, the cavity can grow, and the decay can reach your tooth roots.

Cleaning your teeth after meals and especially before bed so unhealthy particles don’t remain on your smile can help you avoid the need for cavity repair. Our molars are one of the trickiest things to brush properly since it’s difficult to scrub every surface of the tooth.

By acting sooner enough and scheduling an appointment with your dentist in SW Calgary, your tooth can be returned to normal. If you’re ready to do so, please reach out to your family dentist.

Getting Dental Fillings

The initial stage of getting dental fillings in SW Calgary, after a thorough examination of your smile, involves selecting the filling material that suits your needs. Amalgam and composite resin are the two main options. Amalgam, being traditional, can last for several years. On the other hand, composite fillings, a modern choice, not only blend seamlessly with your natural teeth but also offer durability.

After you and your dentist have come to a decision, the treatment site will be numbed with a local anesthetic; this stops you from experiencing any discomfort. Next, the decay is removed with precision, and then the space is filled. Lastly, your dentist polishes your tooth and checks that everything is correct. Let them know of any questions you have before you leave the clinic.

And that’s all there is to it! Good dental hygiene will help your filling last longer; eventually, it will need to be replaced since it’s not designed to be a permanent prosthetic.

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