Dental Bridges and Crowns Near You

Patients of every age can experience tooth loss, whether from playing sports, trauma, certain diseases, or aging. Depending on the circumstance and your preferences, there are a number of treatments you can choose from to repair your smile – dental bridges and crowns are just two options, albeit two of the more popular ones.

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Dental Bridges and Crowns in SW Calgary

Explaining the Treatments

Dental bridges and crowns are often associated with one another because they are two notable forms of restorative dentistry. There are pros to cons to each treatment, which are explained below:


A prosthetic that quite literally “bridges” the gap between missing teeth, a dental bridge strengthens your smile and restores your ability to eat. It also prevents healthy teeth from moving out of place and impacting your bite pattern.

Four main types of bridges available: traditional, Cantilever, Maryland, and implant-supported. Your requirements, budget, and your dentist’s recommendations will determine the best option. Each bridge adheres to the same general structure: a pontic (artificial tooth) fills the socket, and two crowns are placed on either side to keep it in place.


A dental crown is like a king’s crown; it sits over top of a tooth to protect it. A dentist near you may advise this solution if any of the following apply to your tooth:

  • Worn down
  • Deeply discolored
  • Broken
  • Received a root canal
  • Has a cavity that’s too large for a filling
  • Irregularly shaped

Things to Know

Typically, bridges and crowns are created from porcelain since this material is stain-resistant, durable, and blends in well with your surrounding teeth.

But just because you’ve received dental work doesn’t mean you can stop brushing and flossing – in fact, this is more important than ever. Prioritizing oral hygiene will ensure your bridge or crown stays in good condition. It will also prevent other problems, saving your wallet from future treatments.

On average, dental bridges and crowns in SW Calgary can last anywhere between 5 to 15 years; the material, your personal habits, if you deal with bruxism, and where it was placed all play a role in the prosthetics’ lifespan. Talk to your dentist if you have any questions or concerns.

Looking to Repair Your Smile?

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